Strapon Gangbang Party

By: Amanda

Nothing turns me on more than using my strapon to take every inch of a man’s masculinity away from him and putting him in his place. But other women like pegging as well, so what’s a gal to do except join up with other like-minded women for a frenzied strapon gangbang painfest? These girls don’t pull any punches- notice the humiliating writing on the victim’s chest and the expression of utter sexual humiliation on his face. This strapon pegging gangbang scene is one of many from Revenge Is a Bitch

Though I will say it’s hard for me to accept this guy getting pegged hard up the ass as much of a “victim.” We know deep down he enjoys it.

Redhead Strap-on Pegging

By: Amanda

Ah, getting pegged by fiery redheads. Redheads have a certain beauty and hotness about them, a certain passion you don’t find in other women. And they’re even sexier when they’re supporting a huge thick strapon delivering anal punishment to a filthy male. This is a great scene, with some whipping and facesitting as well. I love the verbal humiliation when she makes him admit that he loves it in the ass, that he’s just her little bitch, and that’s all he ever will be. Download it now.


Pegging When He Wears My Clothes

By: Amanda

Time to publicly humiliate my hubby, lol. Lately I have been making him do more chores around the house, threatening not to peg him if he doesn’t comply. He’s been doing it, of course, but the twist is that I make him wear a wig, or my used thongs or bras. Sometimes when I’m really feeling cruel I’ll put makeup on him before he does it and spank him for not getting it as sparkling clean as he could have.

Yesterday, I dropped an Oreo cookie on the floor on purpose, and made him get down on his hands and dies to pick it up with his mouth. While he was down there I pressed my foot against his head and asked him if he knew his place yet. He said yes, and I screamed, “I can’t hear you, little bitch?” and after he properly told me he knew his place as my little bitch I told him to stay down there and close his eyes.

I went upstairs and undressed, save for high heels and my black strapon. When I got back downstairs I raised my foot to his mouth and told him to lick.

“You know what’s going to happen now?”

He murmured a yes, trying to make it seem like a punishment but judging by his rock hard cock, I knew this was the sort of pegging punishment he loved.

I pulled off the underwear I made him wear and stuffed in his mouth, and then I pegged his tight little bitch asshole. Guess what I did when I felt satisfied?

Made him suck the strapon that had just fucked him in the ass mercilessly. I love taking every last bit of his pride, dignity, and manhood. It’s just this amazing feeling of power and control over another person…I get off on the humiliation factor for him.


Nonetheless, if your wife won’t peg you like the bitch you are, the next best thing is Revenge is a Bitch, as you can see in the pics above. Forced feminization, pegging, and male servitude- you KNOW this is what you like and you KNOW this is where your place is, don’t you?

Daphne Rosen Pegging

By: Amanda

Daphne Rosen is my kind of woman. Not painfully anorexic and thin, but voluptuous and domineering. Most men do secretly want a dominant woman, that’s really what’s sexy- the confidence and willingness to control sexual power, rather than a sickly bimbo. My husband and I watched this Daphne Rosen pegging scene together with my buttplug up his ass and my hand controlling his penis…bringing him near orgasm, then slowing it down, then speeding up again. When he was nearly ready to burst, I suddenly stopped and asked him, “who owns your cock?” and he said, “you do,” and I slapped him and made him beg for it.


You can watch the whole movie in HD, but beware…it gets rough.

Forced Feminization Pegging

By: Amanda

It’s ok. I get it. You’re straight but you fantasize about being humiliated, as in being “forced” to dress up like a woman and get pegged by your wife. It represents the ultimate destruction of the male ego. You surrender total control of your manhood and sense of self to a woman who pegs you mercilessly. And you like it. Fortunately, if acting this out is crossing a line for you, there is some excellent strapon porn out there with forced feminization as its centerpiece at Revenge is a Bitch:


Asian Pegging

By: Amanda

What goes better with Sesame Chicken than an Asian pornstar’s strap-on cock up your ass? Not much I’d say, but you’d have to ask my husband, because he’s the one who takes it up the ass in our relationship, not me.

I caught him jerking off to this the other day:

asian1 asian2 asian3

Cute little thing she is. I don’t really mind him looking at porn, as long as it’s porn where the male is submissive so he learns his place. It’s from the DVD series, “Revenge is a Bitch,” and you can download them all here.

Katja Kassin Strapon Scene

By: Amanda

This gorgeous redhead beauty, Katja Kassin, pounds some loser with force. She has a real talent for this, and you can see the effort she puts into making it hurt hehe. One thing I especially like is the way her boobs swing seductively as she slams into his tight asshole. Download the whole video at Guys Get Fucked

katjastrapon1 katjastrapon2 katjastrapon3

HD Pegging Gangbang

By: Amanda

Whew! Men who have accepted their place in a female-led relationship oftentimes begin to fantasize about being humiliated in front of multiple women, like in the case of a strapon gangbang. What’s more exciting to the male bitch than a group of beautiful models ravaging his ass without mercy? Strapon Dreamer has this, and it’s all in sparklingly fucking clear HD!

gangbang1 gangbang2 gangbang3

Black Women Pegging Men

By: Amanda

Aggressive black girls put you in your place, yes? You know you love it. You have a deep desire to submit to dominant women, and we all know it. I remember the first time I looked through my husband’s pegging porn collection, all the interracial videos in there. They’re hard to find in general though, according to him, but Revenge Is a Bitch is full of pegging videos with interracial strapon fucking. Some samples:

blackstrapon1 blackstrapon2blackstrapon3

Pegging My Husband

By: Amanda

I thought I’d start this off my talking a little bit about my background. My husband and I have been happily married for 9 years. I noticed how he always loved me sliding my finger into his ass while giving him oral, and how affectionately he’d respond when I’d playfully smack his ass. I never thought anything of it, until one day when he was desperately wanting a blowjob, and I got the naughty idea to bring my dildo into it.

I ordered him to close his eyes and began lubing up his tight little butt. I slid the dildo in very slowly and gently at first and when he realized it wouldn’t be my finger going into him, he opened his eyes, as if to pretend that he wasn’t sure this was right. But I shushed him lol, and slid it in anyway. He loved it. I’ve never seen him in such pure ecstasy before during oral. I did this a few more times to him, and we didn’t really talk about it openly, it was just sort of our little secret.

Then one day after sex, we were laying in bed chatting, and he asked me if I wanted to go a step further. I knew what he meant, but I wanted to hear him beg for it, so I played dumb and he finally admitted he wanted me to fuck him in the ass with a strapon, that he looked at pegging and strapon porn, and would I be willing to try it. So we did.

It was amazing, and I added the word ‘pegging’ to my vocabulary. For a woman, it’s such a hot role reversal to be the one penetrating and feeling that surge of sexual power. You just discover this dominant part of you, and having a willing partner is an awesome feeling. Now I peg him with my strapon regularly, and we both love it. I will call him when I’m on my way home from work and tell him to “assume the position,” and when I get home, he’s bent over waiting for me. He loves it, and so do I. When he’s been extra naughty, I’m extra rough on him. I tease him, sticking it slightly into him, then pulling out, and telling him to “make me hard” and he turns around and starts sucking on it.

Men…be open with your women, if you think she’s kinky. And women…trust me, nothing makes you feel so sexually in control of him when you’re pegging your husband’s ass with a strapon, and he’s bent over and vulnerable, waiting for you.